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We have one of the only track systems in Eastern Ontario. It's always a work in progress but we believe that it is an ideal environment for most horses. To learn more about the paddock paradise system, visit Jaime Jackson's website: click here.

As both a body worker and hoof care professional, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of movement. The track system allows horses to move at their own pace, making it suitable for elderly and injured equines as well as sound ones. We're lucky yo live on sandy soil that drains well. The numerous feeding stations ensure that everyone has access to forage 24/7.

We currently have a small track for quarantine, short stays and when we need to keep a close eye on a horse. The larger track is for long term/permanent guests. Both tracks have several types of footing. The shelters' footing is stabilized (crushed stone) so that there is always a dry spot for the horses to stand on. We installed a safe and visible 5', 4-strand electric fence. There are 3-4 feeders (with nets) on each track as well as a clean water trough that is heated over the winter. We're in the process of building a small barn for special care and emergencies.

We grow our hay, but usually need to buy some as well. All hay is tested before being fed to ensure that ESC + starch are below 10%. A customized diet is included (minerals, supplements, additional sources of protein or fibre). We confirm our choices with nutritionists to ensure your equine is getting optimal nutrition as it is a cornerstone of health.

We're happy to give prescribed medication (short or long term) to your horse - as long as you provide it - as well as provide other special care and put on/remove fly masks, blankets, etc. We are insured and provide boarding agreements to ensure that your equines's needs as well as your own are taken into account.

Please understand that we're only accepting horses that come for rehab, are retired, growing or on vacation. Our facility is not a boarding stable where you come to ride your horse. 

Paddock paradise retirement


We offer a peaceful place for your equine to enjoy retirement. We're happy to take care of special needs individuals and provide all prescribed and necessary care. 

Basic hoof care, grooming, blanketing when needed, putting and removing fly masks, etc. also included.

Doesn't include medication, veterinary care and diagnosis, dewormers/vaccines, special hoof protection or equipment/supplies.



per month

Taxes included

Paddock paradise rehab


Our setup allows us to rehab horses suffering from laminitis/founder as well as navicular, high/low, underrun heels and other hoof and body issues.

We can make quicker progress by having your horse here as we control and adapt the environment, hoof care, diet, bodywork and corrective exercise program.

Rehab usually lasts between 4 and 12 months depending on the diagnosis. We include hoof care, bodywork and remedial exercise.

Doesn't include medication, veterinary care and diagnosis, dewormers/vaccines, special hoof protection or equipment/supplies. 


per month

Taxes included

Paddock paradise


If you're going on vacation and want someone to look after your horse, or you want them to get some rest after the show season, or you want them to be pampered, this is the option for you!

Short stays are less than a month long. We can custom your horse's stay depending on their needs. 

Doesn't include medication, veterinary care and diagnosis, dewormers/vaccines, special hoof protection or equipment/supplies. 


per week

Taxes included


Another important aspect of our Balanced Hoof Care approach is education. We believe in educating ourselves continuously, but we also believe that well-informed owners take better care of their equine friends. 

Here are some great resources if you want to further your education:



The Equine Sciences Academy
The best source for career-based education in natural horse and hoof care

ECIR Group
Most up to date information on laminitis, insulin resistance and Cushing's/PPID

Progressive Hoof Care Practitioners
An educational foundation for hoof care professionals and horse owners.

The Humble Hoof Podcast
For horse owners and professionals

Dr. Kellon 
Equine nutrition courses

Safer Grass 
Pasture management for metabolic horses
Tribe Equus
Cindy ''Hawk'' Sullivan's website
Equitopia Center
Research-based education for equestrians
Horse Behaviour
White Horse Equine Ethology Project
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